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It was nice joining you at the drum circle today, and getting a chance to meet Luke! His gift to Wesley (now 8) during his initial diagnosis of PH+ ALL 2 1/2 years ago helped us past many nights in the hospital together.......I wanted to share with you the draft of the the song "Little Brave" I wrote and recorded on GarageBand by his bedside during the most intense part of his last treatment. Little Brave is a standard MP3 music file. You can click on the play button to listen through your browser or download the song and listen through your default media player.

- Kevin K

To see a child's face light up at the sight of musical instruments is the "good stuff" of my job. As a music therapist at Riley Hospital for Children I work with children who are chronically ill, whose worlds are forever changed, and who at the end of the day just want to be kids. Team Luke has provided me with the ability to spread joy to children and their families through the distribution of Rhythm Pax. The instruments Team Luke selects are durable and of high quality. This is something of course I appreciate at a music therapist, but the children notice and appreciate as well. When their drum sounds like a "real drum set", their board piano "really sounds like twinkling stars", or the rain stick "sounds just like the real thing", they share in a sense of pride that these beautiful instruments are something that they now own. Many of the families I work with do not have the resources for such special instruments, which makes Team Luke's mission even more important. As I gave a Rhythm Pax to a patient I frequently saw, she said with bright eyes, "These are really mine?" I told her the story of the boy who was much like her and she said, "We both love music, and I hope I can get better like he did." Later in the week when I passed by the room, she was sitting up in bed, (something under normal circumstances that was very difficult) playing the instruments with her mother and siblings. Her mother said, "Look! It's our family band!" I had to pause in that moment and really take it all in. This family had been separated by miles for months, and in that moment they were a normal family, having a simple moment of joy through the gift of music. I cannot thank Team Luke enough for their tireless work to create these moments for our families. Team Luke has inspired and invigorated my work by allowing me to participate in and share these experiences with our families at Riley. Thank you Team Luke, and keep on rockin'!

- Music Therapist

Thank you all so much! You bring such joy to our kiddos, their families, and staff. I have heard such positive comments throughout the day today. One CLS said that the music is so wonderful at bonding the children, and that you can see the pure happiness it brings. Another CLS said it was awesome to walk down the big hallway and hear the music being made. She said that she couldn't help but dance down the hall! I heard a mom say it was the first time her "daughter had really smiled since being hospitalized". Your impact is so far reaching and I want you to know how much we appreciate your commitment to wellness and healing here at Riley. Let Luke know that a lot of kids seemed to feel better after drumming yesterday, based on smiles alone! The medals were a huge success as well! I saw one little girl in particular just light up and say, "I've never gotten a medal for anything before!"

- Child Life Specialist

Dear Luke, My husband and I met you Riley last week while we were there for our son's surgery. What a wonderful event Team Luke organized for all those kids. It brought tears to my eyes to watch all the fun everyone was having playing the drums. Thank you for coming back and spreading so much joy. You are an inspiration. We wish you much success.

- Patient

Our family was so blessed to meet you and your family today at Riley! You were so kind to give our 2 year old little boy who is fighting a battle with Infant ALL a Rhythm Pax - Feel the Cure Kit!! You couldn't have picked a better day to do so either, he was scheduled for a procedure today that got pushed back and this amazing kit kept him completely occupied! He was soo busy playing music for all of his doctors and nurses, he didn't even realize his port had been accessed! Thank you so much!! God bless you and your family!

- Patient

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