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About Luke

Luke was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in May 2007. He was 3 years old and received daily chemotherapy treatment through July 2010. Although Luke's days of digging in the dirt and scrapping up his knees came to a roaring halt, the family quickly learned that there was a much bigger plan for Luke and their family, as he began to teach them what life was really about. Although no parent would ever wish a diagnosis like this upon a child, the blessings, friendships and lessons learned, enriched their life more than one could ever imagine.

Luke is now a healthy, active growing boy, and his days of treatment are a thing of the past. Yet his vision of helping others facing serious life illnesses is very much a part of his life.

Luke's Dream -
"My dream is to work with Spiderman to find a cure for cancer. Then Spiderman and me will web ourselves hospital to hospital and pass out toys to all the sick children and make them all better. And then we will give all the kids the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin. When we are done doing this, there won't be any more sick kids." Luke (age 6)

Luke is a healthy 10 year old boy and loves his two dogs, Murphy and Duke. He is one of 5 kids. Luke has one big brother who is away at college, and 3 sisters at home. He really feels his brothers absence since he has left for college! Luke still enjoys playing the drums and has recently earned his black belt in karate.

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